Linksys RE9000 AC3000 Max-Stream Tri-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender


  • Auto Firmware Upgrade always keeps your system and security up-to-date
  • Tri-Band speeds up to AC3000. A second 5GHz W-Fi band delivers 3X faster speeds than Dual-Band Range Extenders for full-strength Wi-Fi without degradation*
  • Quick and easy setup with Push Button Connect and Spot Finder Technology for optimal placement and performance
  • Works with all Wi-Fi Routers and Multi-User MIMO Routers. Eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones throughout a home including, a patio, garage and additional floors
  • Pair a Max-Stream router and range extender to enable Seamless Roaming for a single Wi-Fi network. Devices will now auto connect to the strongest Wi-Fi signal

What’s in the Box:

  • Linksys MAX-STREAM Tri-Band AC3000 Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE9000)
  • Quick install guide
  • Regulatory information


  • 3X FASTER THAN DUAL BAND: Dedicated Backhaul delivers speeds up to 3x faster than Dual-Band range extenders.
  • UP TO 10,000 SQ.-FT. RANGE: Extend the range of your wireless router up to 10,000 square feet, eliminating dead zones.
  • N400 + AC866 + AC1733 Mbps Speed: N400 + AC866 + AC1733 Mbps with Tri-Band.
  • Spot Finder Technology: Easy to use, mobile-guided range extender setup to extend Wi-Fi range throughout your home.
  • Seamless Roaming: Enables your device to automatically switch to the strongest Wi-Fi signal as you move around your house when Max-Stream Routers are paired with Max-Stream Range Extenders.*
  • Tri-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender: Three bands that deliver the fastest combined Wi-Fi speeds to more devices.
  • Gigabit Ethernet Ports: Transfer data 10x faster than Fast Ethernet, ensuring high-speed connectivity for wired devices.
  • Beamforming Technology: Optimizes performance by focusing wireless signal to connected devices.
  • BAND-STEERING: Works between all three bands when in Access Point Mode.
  • Push-Button Connect: Easy setup with Push-Button Connect and Spot Finder.
  • MU-MIMO: Latest Wireless-AC technology for simultaneously streaming and gaming on multiple devices.
  • Access Point Mode: Set up an AC Wi-Fi access point for an expanded network.


Extend your Next-Gen AC Wi-Fi connection in hard-to-reach locations of your home such as the backyard, garage, or bedroom, so you can get blazing AC3000 Wi-Fi speeds to Smart TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, iPads, tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Powerful amplifiers and four high-performance external antennas deliver maximum power and range, allowing everyone in your family to enjoy 4K/HD movie streaming, simultaneous online gaming, social media, and more.


The Max-Stream RE9000 Tri-Band Range Extender helps you get the most out of your home Wi-Fi by delivering speeds up to 3X faster than Dual-Band range extenders*. Dedicated backhaul technology maximizes Wi-Fi speeds by assigning a single, dedicated 5 GHz Wi-Fi band to your router. This frees up the remaining two bands to focus exclusively on your streaming media players, game consoles, and other connected devices, so you’ll enjoy full-strength Wi-Fi without slowdown or degradation. Additionally, Band Steering automatically directs connected devices to the faster and less congested Wi-Fi band, offering uninterrupted premium coverage throughout your home and beyond.


With Seamless Roaming, your enabled wireless devices will automatically switch to the strongest Wi-Fi signal, so you won’t have to manually connect to the router or range extender when you move from one room to another–or even to your backyard.** This means that you can move freely throughout your home while video chatting or streaming videos without experiencing dropped calls or buffering. Pair a MAX-STREAM router such as the EA9500 with the MAX-STREAM range extender for more efficient home Wi-Fi that delivers stronger, more powerful Wi-Fi signal to all your devices.

Wi-Fi Technology:

  • AC3000 Tri-Band with MU-MIMO

Key Features:

  • Seamless Roaming
  • Dedicated Backhaul
  • High Power Amplifier
  • Gigabit Port
  • Multi-Mode
  • 1-Touch Setup
  • Spot Finder Technology

Network Standards:

  • 802.11 a
  • 802.11 b
  • 802.11 g
  • 802.11 n
  • 802.11 ac

Wi-Fi Speed:

  • AC3000 (N400 + AC866 +AC1733)
  • Wi-Fi Bands: Tri-Band, 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz + 5 GHz
  • Wi-Fi Range: Up to 10,000 Sq Ft


  • Number of Ethernet Ports: 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Other Ports: No

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0
  • Firefox 20
  • Safari 5.1
  • Google Chrome 25.0 browsers or higher

Dimension & Weight

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 136mm x170.4mm x 45.1mm
  • Weight: 360 g
  • Security Features: Access Control (Wireless MAC Filtering)
  • Warranty and Support: 12 Months (for U.S.)



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