MeshForce Whole Home Mesh WiFi System M3 Suite


  • MeshForce M3 WiFi system New Generation Mesh AC1200 WiFi sytem
  • Supports up to 60 devices
  • Cover more than 4000 square feet Eliminate WiFi Dead Spots
  • Support up to 6 Wifi dead spots
  • Easy to Setup and Manage
  • Secure Connection to Your Smart Home with WPA/WPA2 PSK Mixed security
  • 7×24 Customer Support

Introducing MeshForce M3 Suite, the second generation MeshForce whole home mesh WiFi coverage system. Seamless and super high-performance coverage across your big house.

The New Generation WiFi Performance
MeshForce model M3 supports gigabit ethernet and 1200Mbps dual band WiFi on both 802.11n and 802.11ac. Upgraded WiFi performance covers bigger area compare with M1. 

M3 Dot for Further Flexible WiFi
Introducing new M3 Dot wall plug WiFi extension unit, a powerful and mini WiFi extender that only works with your MeshForce WiFi system. No need power cords or wires, simply plug in and add the dots in the app, your WiFi range becomes wider.

One SSID for Entire Home
MeshForce’s Mesh technology allows multiple mesh points communicate with each other and self-heals the network quality. It allows you walk from upstairs to down, from garage to backyard without disconnecting because the mesh system always back your strong WiFi signal.

Manage WiFi on Mobile Remotely
We made setup and manage WiFi easier. Now you can set up your WiFi with My Mesh mobile app, rather than through your old router’s complicated admin page. You can even control your home WiFi remotely in the App.

Secure and Reliable
Higher class WPA2 Mixed encryption mode protects your WiFi password and data in better way. Now you can provide temporary WiFi access with guest mode to your visitors. 

  • New Generation Mesh WiFi: The future of WiFi is here, replace your old wireless router with all new MeshForce M3 WiFi system. Equipped with gigabit ethernet, the flawless and flexible AC1200 dual band WiFi whole house system supports up to 60 devices, it is a smart home hub for PC, mobile, TV, and everything that connects wirelessly.
  • Eliminate WiFi Dead Spots: Cover more than 4000 square feet from garage to backyard, seamless single WiFi name for entire house. Easy to expand the coverage by adding more M3 Dots, simply use M3 Dot wall-plug WiFi extender to eliminate WiFi dead spots. Support up to 6 dots to build WiFi system for any home size.
  • Easy to Setup and Manage: Use My Mesh app and complete setup your mesh WiFi system in less than 15 minutes. Manage your connections and guest network right on your iOS or Android mobile devices, at home or remotely, anytime and anyplace.
  • Secure Connection to Your Smart Home: Your data and WiFi access are securely protected under WPA/WPA2 PSK Mixed security – the industry level password encryption. Welcome your visitors and friends with guest network in isolated WiFi zone, safeguards your privacy and smart home access.
  • 7×24 Customer Support: You don’t need to be a pro because we are here. 7×24 online customer support, ask us anything at any time. Backed by 30 days money-back guarantee and awarded customer service.

Plug Dot to Anywhere Needs WiFi

M3 Dot is designed to extend the coverage flexibly and elegantly. After you set up the main mesh point, easily plug the dot to power outlets where the WiFi signal is weak. (Maximum 6 dots)

Parental Control

Manage your kids’ Internet access by device and period. Develop a healthy lifestyle and avoid addiction.

WiFi for Guests

Protect your password and privacy in a better way with Guest WiFi feature. Let your visitors’ devices in the isolated network zone.

Access Management

Kick out unknown devices anytime through the My Mesh app, keep your WiFi always in your control.

Control Anywhere

Control your WiFi anywhere with My Mesh app, check WiFi status and connections. (Sign-in required)

Tech Specs:

AC1200 Simultaneous Dual-band WiFi
On 5GHz: 802.11ac Up to 867Mbps
On 2.4GHz: 802.11n/g/b Up to 300Mbps
Mixed WPA/WPA2-PSK Security
1x shared Gigabit WAN/ LAN Port / 1x Gigabit LAN Port

My Mesh App System Requirements:
Use iOS or Android mobile device to setup
iOS 9 or higher/ Android 4.4 or higher

In the Box:

1× MeshForce M3 WiFi Point
2× MeshForce M3 Dot
1× Ethernet Cable
1× Quick Start Guide


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