Ventech VT-65HB PTZ Camera Outdoor Analog CCTV


  • 30X optical zoom ensures fine details such as people’s faces, license plates
  • Fustration free bundle kit with easy install 100ft ptz cable, just plug and play
  • 9PCS high-power infrared light, no flashlight effect, IR distance 320-390 feet
  • New 24V ac Strongest power supply more reliable than 12v dc regular adapters, no Video interference, No more frozen screen or video loss
  • Please Do Dot Hesitate to Contact us In Case You Have Any Question About This Product

It comes with:

  • Precision motor: immediate response with deviation less than 01 degrees
  • Improved belt: belt designed with high quality materials and resistance to temperature changes
  • Reinforced gear: Manufactured to improve stability and smoothness of movements


  • 360°endless pan range and 0°- 90°tilt range, support auto-flip, non-surveillance blind area
  • Pan control speed 0.6°~180°/s, tilt control speed 0.8°~75°/s
  • Support 220 preset
  • 4 patrols, each patrol can contain up to 32 presets
  • Proportional zoom function, rotation speed can be adjusted automatically according to zoom multiples
  • Support park action, presets/pattern/patrol/pan scan can invoke automatically after a defined time of inactivity (contain the idling condition after the power supply has been turn on) 


  • 30X optical zoom ensures you can see fine details such has , people’s faces,  license plates 
  • Support data not lost when power off.
  • Support Protocol automatically diagnosis(Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Hikvision, Dahua), Baud rate automatically adjust 2400bps,4800bps,9600bps.

Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are made to live in even the harshest of elements. Our PTZ cameras are built for extreme outdoor reconnaissance. Wind, rain, snow and even extreme heat won’t affect performance. This gives you the ability to install them in even the most remote locations such as rooftops and the sides of tall buildings.


  • 9PCS high-power infrared light, turn divided into two groups
  • No flashlight effect
  •  IR distance 120-150 m
  • Adopt the function of matching the IR to optical zoom of the module, make the image more clear
  • Adopt constant current drive for the IR light, extend the lift of the IR light.

IR or night vision was once cutting-edge military technology, designed to allow soldiers to see the enemy even on the darkest of nights. Now this technology is available to consumers who prefer not to pay for expensive flood lights at night. No light? No problem. IR PTZ cameras allow you to see clearly—albeit in black and white—at night. And of course, we’re all familiar with the unprecedented detail and life-like clarity of high definition video.


Unique with New 24V ac Strongest power supply (more reliable than 12v dc regular adapters) No Video interference; No more frozen screen or video loss

Fustraction free bundle kit with easy install 100ft Profesional ptz cable ,just plug and play


Compatible with most dvr and controls in the market

  • 360°endless pan range and 0°- 90°tilt range
  • Pan control speed 0.6°~180°/s
  • tilt control speed 0.8°~75°/s
  • Support 220 preset 
  • Waterproof:Outdoor /Indoor:TVS3000V lightning protection, surge protection and voltage transient protection, IP66 weather proof


It can be widely used in wide range environments which required monitoring, e.g. river, forest, highroad, railway, airport, port, oil field, sentry, piazza, park, scenic zone, street, station, venue, parcel surrounding, and Indoor environments: baby room, House,  Office , etc


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