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Securifi Almond+ Long Range Touchscreen Wireless AC Gigabit Router + Home Automation Hub


  • Amazingly Simple Touchscreen setup that doesn't require a PC or Mac, or web browser
  • Long Range WiFi upto 5,000 sq.ft using Powerful Amplifiers
  • Multi-Purpose: Router / Range Extender / Wireless Bridge / Access Point
  • Remotely Access Router and connected sensors using Almond iOS and Android apps.
  • Receive alerts when your doors/windows open or close. Control lights, locks, or thermostats from anywhere using our free iOS and Android Apps

Product Description

It is more than a router. It's a communication hub, which is great for a connected home.

Long Range and Blazing Fast Gigabit AC Speeds

Almond+ combines the intuitive touchscreen interface from the pioneering Almond 2012 with seriously fast dual band WiFi (AC1750), 4 Gigabit LAN and 2 USB 3.0 ports.

Its powerful processor can handle anything you throw at it - from streaming video to online gaming.

It also supports advanced software features for power users, such as port forwarding, VPN, etc.

Multi-Purpose: Router / Range Extender / Wireless Bridge / Access Point

Router or AP - Works with any Internet modem (Cable, DSL, Fiber, etc.) from any provider (Comcast, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, Verizon etc.)

Range Extender - Wirelessly extend your existing WiFi; compatible with routers from Apple Airport, Netgear, Linksys, Cisco, Belkin, D-Link, Asus, etc.

Wireless Bridge - Connect your wired (Ethernet) only devices to a WiFi network

Home Security & Home Automation

Almond+ also acts as a versatile smarthome security and automation hub. Just add compatible sensors.

No Monthly Fees - No contracts and no lock-ins.

Security Alerts/Notifications - Receive smartphone alerts when your doors or windows open or close

Energy Saving - Control lights, thermostats and even appliances remotely

Schedules & Rules - Intuitive UI to create schedules and automation logic

Technical Specifications

Wireless band

  • Dual Band Concurrent 802.11bgn + 11ac (AC1750)


  • 4 Gigabit LAN +
  • 1 Gigabit WAN Ports +
  • 2 USB 3.0

Home Automation:

  • ZigBee HA 1.2, Z-Wave


  • VPN Server,
  • Port Forwarding,
  • DMZ,
  • UPnP,
  • USB File sharing


  • Free iOS & Android Apps & Browser UI


  • 50-200 ft. (Depends on Construction)

Power Supply:

  • 12V, 2.5A (Input:110 - 220V, 50-60Hz)




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