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DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter


  • Auto takeoff and auto return home with GPS technology, makes controlling easy. App enables monitoring/camera operation easy
  • Capture 4K ultra HD video at 30 fps, supported resolutions include: 12.0MP (4000 x 3000) photos. The f/2.8 lens with a broad field of view delivers crisp, clear images
  • Gimbal stabilization technology, along with a hover function allows you to capture smooth, clean footage while the camera is in the air
  • Use DJI director software with a built-in video editor to add music, text, and more to your videos.
  • Please Note: Kindly refer the User Manual before use.

What's in the box



The Phantom 4 connects to both GPS and GLONASS, allowing it to connect to satellites faster and position itself with extreme accuracy in the air.


The Phantom 4 automatically logs the details of every flight you take so you can check back on previous flights.


Dual compass modules and dual Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) allow the Phantom 4 to constantly check the data it is receiving. This means any incorrect data can be isolated and ignored without ever affecting your flight


Beginner flyers should build confidence by flying low and close. Beginner Mode prevents new pilots from going beyond their skills. An adjustable maximum height and distance can also be set when flying skills improve.


All the controls on the Phantom 4 can be completely customized to match your flying style, from control stick sensitivity to the functionality of dedicated buttons.


Newly designed prop mounts allow each prop to be securely locked in place with a push and a twist and released just as easily. This locking mechanism allows the propeller to withstand harsh turning forces.


Front obstacle sensors combine with advanced computer vision and processing to give the Phantom active Obstacle Avoidance that allows it to react to and avoid obstacles in its path. Additionally, DJI's Vision Positioning System has been refined, increasing its effective altitude by over 300% from the Phantom 3's altitude to 10 meters and sharpening up its positioning capabilities, allowing for greater security and confidence when flying indoors.


The Phantom 4 reacts to your touch. In TapFly Mode, simply tap on the live view on your smart device screen to send it flying in that direction. With Obstacle Sensing Systems you can watch it fly without worry.


Using ActiveTrack, the Phantom 4 will recognize your subject, follow them naturally, and keep them in the frame. No GPS bracelet, tracker or beacon required.



Shoot sharp, clean video in up to 4K at 30fps and Full HD 1080p at 120fps for slow motion, through a newly designed lens that dramatically increases sharpness.


A range of video color profiles are available to help you get the look you want easily, from bright vibrant colors to professional flat profiles including D-Log and Cine-D that are ready for video post-production. Photographers can shoot images in 12 megapixel Adobe DNG RAW.


An advanced 3-axis gimbal takes out unwanted vibration and movement in-flight, enabling the camera to capture smooth and fluid footage even during complex maneuvers.

Technical Specifications


  • Weight (Battery & Propellers Included): 1380 g
  • Diagonal Size (Propellers Excluded): 350 mm
  • Max Ascent Speed: S-mode: 6 m/s
  • Max Descent Speed: S-mode: 4 m/s
  • Max Speed S-mode: 20 m/s
  • Max Tilt Angle: S-mode: 42 degree / A-mode: 35 degree / P-mode: 15 degree
  • Max Angular Speed: S-mode: 200 degree/s / A-mode: 150 degree/s
  • Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level: 19685 feet (6000 m)
  • Max Wind Speed Resistance: 10 m/s
  • Max Flight Time Approx.: 28 minutes
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32 degree to 104 degreeF (0 degree to 40 degreeC)
  • Satellite Positioning Systems: GPS/GLONASS

Hover Accuracy Range

  • Vertical: +/-0.1 m (with Vision Positioning) / +/-0.5 m (with GPS Positioning)
  • Horizontal: +/-0.3 m (with Vision Positioning) / +/-1.5 m (with GPS Positioning)


  • Vision System: Forward Vision System; Downward Vision System
  • Velocity Range: 10 m/s (2 m above ground)
  • Altitude Range: 0 - 33 feet (0 - 10 m)
  • Operating Range: 0 - 33 feet (0 - 10 m)
  • Obstacle Sensory Range: 2 - 49 feet (0.7 - 15 m)
  • Measuring Frequency: Forward: 10 Hz; Downward: 20 Hz
  • Operating Environment: Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting (lux > 15)


  • Forward: 60 degree (Horizontal), +/-27 degree (Vertical)
  • Downward: 70 degree (Front and Rear), 50 degree (Left and Right)


  • Stabilization: 3-axis (pitch, roll, yaw)
  • Controllable Range Pitch: -90 degree to +30 degree
  • Max Controllable Angular Speed Pitch: 90 degree /s
  • Angular Control Accuracy: +/-0.02 degree


  • Sensor: 1/2.3" CMOS
  • Effective pixels:12.4 M
  • Lens: FOV 94 degree 20 mm (35 mm format equivalent) f/2.8 focus at 8
  • ISO Range:v100-3200 (video); 100-1600 (photo)
  • Electronic Shutter Speed: 8 - 1/8000 s
  • Image Size: 4000x3000
  • Max Video Bitrate: 60 Mbps
  • Supported File Systems: FAT32 (=32 GB); exFAT (>32 GB)
  • Photo: JPEG, DNG (RAW)
  • Video: MP4, MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
  • Supported SD Cards: Micro SD; Max capacity: 64 GB; Class 10 or UHS-1 rating required
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32 degree to 104 degree F (0 degree to 40 degree C)

Still Photography Modes:

  • Single shot
  • Burst shooting: 3/5/7 frames
  • Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3/5 bracketed frames at 0.7 EV Bias
  • Timelapse
  • HDR

Video Recording Modes

  • UHD: 4096x2160 (4K) 24 / 25p
  • 3840x2160 (4K) 24 / 25 / 30p
  • 2704x1520 (2.7K) 24 / 25 / 30p
  • FHD: 1920x1080 24 / 25 / 30 / 48 / 50 / 60 / 120p
  • HD: 1280x720 24 / 25 / 30 / 48 / 50 / 60p


  • Capacity: 5350 mAh
  • Voltage: 15.2 V
  • Battery Type: LiPo 4S
  • Energy: 81.3 Wh
  • Net Weight: 462 g
  • Charging Temperature Range: 41 degree to 104 degree F (5 degree to 40 degree C)
  • Max Charging Power 100 W


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