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Fingbox Network Security System - Remote Home Monitoring System, Parental Control, Internet Security System, Alerts, Bandwidth Analysis, WiFi and Internet Troubleshooting


  • Remote Home Monitoring: See who is at home and keep a history tab on who's coming and going and when.
  • Network Security System: Detect nearby devices even if they are not connected to your WiFi.
  • Parental Control: Pause your children's internet access in 1-click.
  • Network Troubleshooting and Bandwidth Analysis: Analyze the bandwidth consumption of devices in your home to identify why the internet is slow.
  • Internet Security Checks: Checks and alerts you about Internet security risks and malicious threats. Block hackers from accessing your network. Remotely monitor your network and devices from anywhere.

Home Network Security System

Fingbox is the home network security system that watches over your network to detect intruders, block devices and analyze the quality of your Wi-Fi and Internet connection.

Protect your Home Network:

  • Track who is online
  • Limit Internet access
  • See device activity and history

Parental Control and Device Blocking

  • Detect Wi-Fi attacks
  • Monitor surrounding Devices
  • Block intruders

Improve Network Performance

  • Find Wi-Fi sweet spots
  • Discover bandwidth hogging devices
  • Test your internet speed

Internet Security

Alerts about opened ports, malicious threats, and vulnerabilities on your network. Run Internet Security checks anytime you need to.

Block Devices/Pause Users

Block any device from accessing your network in 1-click like intruders or unknown devices. Pause all your kid's devices (mobile, tablets etc.) in 1-click during homework or bedtime.

WiFi Speed

See how fast your WiFi is in every corner of your home. This helps you identify dead zones.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your network and all devices from anywhere.

Internet Outage Recording

Recording of all the Internet outages on your network. Fingbox records all Internet outages on your network so you can see the reliability of your ISP.

Evil Twin Access Point Detection

Detection and alerts of malicious evil twin access points which are a threat to network security. Includes KRACK Attack Detection.


Detects any device around your Fingbox even if not connected to your WiFi. See who is nearby your home like dog walkers, babysitters, cleaning or delivery persons

Internet Speed

See how fast your Internet is performing and if you are getting the speed you are paying for.

Alerts & Events

Network and device alerts and an event log of everything that happened in your home.

Digital Presence

See who is at home and what devices are in use. Visualize the family, guests, unknown devices or intruders on your network

The #1 Network Security Tools for homes:

  • 25 million app users
  • 20,000 Fingboxes sold
  • 1.6 million USD raised on Indiegogo

Over 20,000 homes have chosen Fingbox for remote home monitoring, network security, internet security and troubleshooting. Fingbox is the plug & play network security system for protecting your network.

  • Improve network performance: Find WiFi sweet spots, discover bandwidth hogging devices, test your Internet speed
  • Protect your home: Detect WiFi attacks, identify security risks, monitor surrounding devices, block intruders
  • Digital presence: See who is at home, track who is online, see device activity, pause users, limit and control internet access for your family

Key Features

  • Pause User: Temporarily pause a family members device in 1-click for parental control.
  • Block Devices: Block any device from accessing your network.
  • Bandwidth Analysis: Identify which devices are hogging the broadband.
  • Internet Speed: Test the speed of your Internet.
  • WiFi Speed: Test the speed of your WiFi in every room in your home.
  • Remote Home Monitoring: See who is at home and what devices are in use.
  • DigitalFence: See all devices near your home with WiFi enabled. Detect who is around your home.
  • Network and Device Alerts: Network status, device status and security alerts.
  • Internet Security: Checks and alerts about Internet Security risks, malicious threats, risks of being hacked.


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